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I rushed home from work, eager to charge my phone and get Andy’s phone call from basic training in South Carolina.

No call. I made that chicken parmesagna we got at BJs, ate half of it, put the rest of it away, and worked on Rock Band for awhile.

After I cleaned up the supper dishes, I went to the bedroom to game a bit. I got a call around 7:30, ANDREW! I didn’t recognize the area code, and I assumed it was a South Carolina one.

Nope. He was OUTSIDE and needed letting in, since he’d left his keys at home.

The Marines had not gotten his transcript from his high school, Orange Glen, so they kept him sitting around all day while they unprocessed him from basic training. They’ll have to reprocess him when the transcripts finally do arrive.

It was devastating to Andrew. He’d psyched himself up for basic training, and now he’s home again, having to explain to all his friends why he is back after spending the last two weeks bragging about how he was going to be gone three months, becoming a Marine.

He was depressed and tired and went to bed early.

Isis was happy he’d returned. She wouldn’t leave his side.

Someone in some blog somewhere mentioned an official Canadian self-assessment test to see if you would be a good candidate for immigration. I took it, but not having ever lived or worked in Canada, not having a job waiting for me and not having a degree, not having relatives there AND not knowing French, I am a bad risk. 67/100 needed to pass, I got 52.

I guess explaining that I have ancestors who came to the States from Canada and a mother who spoke French won’t help my chances any.

If I get my degree and have a job offer in Canada, or live in Canada illicitly for a few years, I could go.

I wonder where I could go? I have friends in BC and Ontario… I used to know people in Quebec. I wonder if they would vouch for me.



  1. We’ll just give Andy the nickname of “Boomerang” – has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? lol

  2. He’s really bummed about it though.

  3. Well – he just has to wait a few days, it’s not like he’s never gonna go.

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