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I had sent a puzzle company an email asking how the 60 cube Pentominoes puzzle (normally sold as a 10×6 solved puzzle) could sell a Pentominoes puzzle in an 8×8 box. Their reply:

Hi Brenda, (REFERENCE item #FAM007506)
The storage tray (the inside shape of the storage tray) the pieces sit in is not perfectly retangular.
Consider it simply a storage tray with cover.
This puzzle has the “Official” twelve pentominoe pieces.
All shape designs need to be done on a flat table surface.
john LeClair

Here’s the picture off their web site, clearly showing a *square* and therefore *rectangular* 8×8 frame:

So I’m not sure what they’re selling here.

You can figure out the missing pieces not completely seen easily enough if you assume a 2×2 block (or empty space) in the middle. To the upper left of the label is the W pentomino. To the upper right, the Cross pentomino. Lower left the Utah pentomino, and lower right, the F pentomino. Those were my names for them when I was a kid, anyway.

So, if the guy had said there was a blank space or a filler piece of styrofoam in the middle, I could have accepted that. Maybe when he says the puzzle is not perfectly rectangular, he means that it has a big 2×2 hole in the center. But then, why didn’t they just make it 10×6 rectangular?

It really makes no sense. You’re not getting the puzzle you see in the picture. The pieces don’t really fit together like that. You can take it out and solve the puzzle, but then you have to solve it a different way when you put it away — you can’t solve it in the frame it comes in.


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