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They’re predicting between 10-20 cm of snow here today. I went to bed right after I got off the phone with Jenn last night, about 9PM, because for some reason I was exhausted. I wanted to read; I fell asleep instead. My body doesn’t want me to sleep more than six hours — I was up at 3am. It’s 5am now, and I’m just back inside from taking ambient light pictures of the woods behind the apartment. I’m taking them with a long exposure and no flash, then I color correct them in Picasa.

These were all taken in the dark, lit by lights in the apartment complex and from nearby Buckland St. The lights are distinctly orange, which makes getting any sort of real color out of the pictures tricky. In the end, I converted them to black and white using a color filter and found that worked best. I upped the contrast quite a bit, and thought it would be interesting to see in the pictures what I couldn’t see with my eyes — like, I dunno, a bear lurking in that little stand of woods. No bears, no deer, no sasquatch, no prowlers…


Green filter to defeat the orange cast of the lights.


Okay, that didn’t work. But orange filter seems to do the trick.


Temperature/time sign on the way to work that is teaching me metric.


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  1. Very pretty.

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