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Got this on Facebook.

Subject: Hi brenda
“Woo,what a Lovely smile My Dear,Good morning to You My Dear..How are You doing today?I Hope you are doing great, Got ur profile intrested.What a beautiful day today sending You mail…Am Chris Sanchez 40yrs old,I grew up in chile..Am single…seeking for a God fearing woman to be with her all My life..I wnat to start up my life and with My own family..I need that so much…I’m single. I am very honest, caring and easy going, sincere…I love to Travel,mostly Paris,asian,NY,also where i can see animalsI Love reading,camping, golf,fishing too,i always love to go to beach when i have spare time..i have great sence of humor that makes me make  people around me to laugh…My friend knows me as funny guy…cuz they say am free and and I love also lookin for a woman with a nice and kind heart that is ready to share things with his man.A woman that is sincere open minded, easygoin ,and enjoy lots of fun…Though all offers are welcome My I’m looking for a p!
who doesn’t mind sharing everything I mean our life together,the good times and the bad times with me. Someone to watch a good movie with,and when she feel so scared,she will Hold You so tight..Lol.Good company and conversation:essential.good looks are a bonus but am not intesrested in look is but i am interested in the kind of person you are and also If You are Young inside You….Above all you must have a good sense of humour.Whilst I have my serious side,I tend to see the lighter and funnier side of life no matter what… please note that you must laugh at all my jokes!because I Love jokes and make people around me happy.I consider myself a sincere man very well intelligent.I may be nothing more than a romantic idealist at heart;I cannot help it.But people either move me inside,deep in my soul,or they do not.I write you because I felt it’s necessay…I look forward to having a new family that I can grow to enjoy and always be happy with.I hope my search for true love does!
nt get
me into trouble again like it happened to me…..As silly as it sounds…lol,..My Plaesure my dear.Am an Engineer on log homes,and I love my job,cuz it do take me around the social,very new at heart needs someone to play with..U can contact me directly to my private email address..…Take care..I will be waiting for Your mail…Have a Nice time and Lovely sleep…Chris”


  1. Love
    Exciting and New
    Come Aboard
    We’re Expecting you!!

  2. I hope you had to look up those lyrics 😛

  3. I think we both know that I didn’t.

  4. I was trying to help you save face. Ah well.

    How’s Fruity?

  5. Nevermind the fact you’re not smiling in your facebook profile. I guess he’s hot and bothred over how he imagines your smile would be – if, you were indeed smiling.

  6. Or if, assuming I could have children, I’d want to start a new family with him at 46.

    These things are scams. I’ve heard about them. Someone sends you a message, you correspond, maybe even talk, and then the other person needs money to visit, or to pay a sudden emergency bill, or something; they keep you on the line until you stop paying them money.

    Still, it’s the first time I’ve gotten this scam. I have bunches of lotteries and sweepstakes I have won, and dozens of Nigerian princes in exile want me to help smuggle money out of the country.

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