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I hate Mondays. They’re like waking up, and I don’t like waking up that much either.

I had a dream this morning — one of those dreams you get when you know it’s just about time to wake up, but before you go, here’s this dream — that people around me were getting into really weird religion. I thought I dreamed Uncle Lester was part of some strange cult.

What an awful thing to think of Uncle Lester! And yet, that’s what my brain offered up to me this morning. I dreamed I was part of a (different) cult that was trying to save New Hampshire. Cultists doubted my sincerity until I told them that I had once belonged to another cult that had saved Germany.

I have never been to Germany, something that occurred to me in the dream as well. In fact, in the dream, I remembered that I had seen a map of Germany once.

The cultists’ doubts about me were confirmed when we were running up this snowy NH hill in Concord and I slipped and fell into someone else, injuring them.

So anyway, my initiation into the cult that will save New Hampshire didn’t work out, and I woke up.

It snowed Friday night and part of Saturday, and I thought we would get some accumulation, but the temperature was hovering around 0C and occasionally turned into rain that would wash the snow away. About all that was left of the storm were frozen puddles. When I came to work this morning, it felt like about 0C to me still, but the Temperature Sign That Speaks Celsius said it was 2C. It’s clear I still can’t judge temperature, but Celsius should be easier, since it is less granular — there’s way more difference between 0C and 2C than 32F and 34F. There’s like three more.
I’m not going to start prophesying Spring again, not just yet.

Andy and I tried to go to brunch again yesterday, but once again, huge lines everywhere, so we went instead to Pricechopper in Vernon, our supermarket. The supermarkets in Manchester suck. Pricechopper is this wonderful store like, well, like California supermarkets, with a decent bakery, deli and butcher, full selection of organic foods, as well as the usual crap. Reminds me of the Von’s I used to go to in La Costa, or the Whole Foods up in Monterey. When we go there to shop, it’s like being back in California.

I do miss Cali… I lived there for 23 years, half my life and nearly all of my adult life. I have to admit that if I could get a good, stable job in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area, I’d probably move back. Chance of that is slight, since I’m not looking, and Cali will be hard hit by the coming climate changes so life there is about to become very, very difficult and (more) expensive. But I do miss it.

I even miss those crazy San Diego politics.

I want to know what was up with that huge line in front of Circuit City yesterday? Some sort of sale, I imagine… still, it was odd. Cold day, people bundled up, waiting to hand Circuit City their money. I wonder what for.

Andy says his recruiter is due to pick him up today around noon and bring him to get his Social Security card so he can join the Marines. First of all, the Social Security card is NOT a form of identification. Second, why isn’t his birth certificate plus his Connecticut state ID not good enough? And if can use these things to GET his Social Security card, doesn’t that make the card ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS IN EVERY RESPECT as a form of ID?


I guess they may need to see it to make sure his SSN is correct and won’t be depositing his money into the wrong account, but still. Seems they could clear this up with a phone call.

Natalie Merchant is singing on my MP3 player. One of her songs was playing in Pricechopper while we were shopping, and I said, “Cool, a Natalie Merchant song!” and Andrew asked who she was, and I explained she was the former lead singer of “10,000 Maniacs” and he’d never heard of them either.

I realized then that Andy and I were just destined to never share musical tastes, and I realized now that Jenn probably will inform me that Vallerie likes that kind of music.

Hidden subtext: My music sucks 🙂

Speaking of music, I found some cool music composition software that turns composition into a kids drawing program — it’s for kids or anyone that wants to compose short tunes with a lot of harmonies and instruments but isn’t familiar with how to arrange music and hasn’t taken composition classes. It’s kind of a meta-music program. It’s not going to teach you to play an instrument, it’s going to teach you how put songs together.

I (back several lives ago) used to be in an Irish contradance band, The Crabapples, where I played pennywhistles, recorders and flute. I met a lot of great people there, but then, like everything in my life, I dropped it for no reason and started doing other things.

Anyway, I had to do a heck of a lot of practicing for the band, and it was kind of lonely doing it myself, so I used to write accompanying parts in a program called Noteworthy Composer and pipe them out my Dr. Boss synthesizer. Andy and Ally probably remember that.

Composing those other parts were hard. I’d listen to other bands and <strike>steal</strike> <strike>borrow</strike> draw inspiration from them to make my own parts, particularly percussion. After hours and hours of work, I’d have a backing band that made me the star as I rocked out to my electronic ensemble.

Yay, me! There was this other program called Band in a Box, where you put in the key changes, set a style, tell where the instrumental breaks were and it would do all this composition for you instantly, and even vary it so it sounded like a real band.

That cost more money than I had to spend.

Anyway, I don’t play any real instruments any more. The sheer amount of practice they require would drive my neighbors crazy — Rock Band and Guitar Hero are torture enough. It would be nice to get musical ideas from my head into reality, though, so I might give this program a try.

It’s kid friendly, so I’d love Jazz to give it a try as well. I think she’d come up with something pretty cool.



  1. Val says that dreams are more about how they make you feel when dreaming them then the actual “plot” of the dream. So, perhaps, your dream was really about people doubting you and you overcoming that?

  2. I liked 10,000 Maniacs when I was in high school. But then when I listend to their music again I decided it’s too whiney and a bit self-righteous. Though I still like their rendition of the Cat Stevens song – of course Cat Stevens version better. :p

  3. Natalie Merchant’s stuff is a little different from the 10,000 Maniacs. I really do like it. I really need to redo the songs on my MP3 player (I haven’t updated them since I bought it a couple years ago) so it puts all her songs together. Right now every song is in one big folder without organization.

    If the dream had any meaning re: how I feel, it would be that I would try to join things and then be rejected, a common theme in my dreams and in real life.

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