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I’ve forgotten to watch TV for the past couple of weeks, which was slightly embarrassing as I was doing a weekly TV summary on my other blog.

I finally watched the pilot episode of Moonlight, about a vampire PI, yesterday. I have no idea if the show is even on any more. I downloaded it last year on a whim but never watched it. It was okay. Not a show I would remember to watch, so I deleted it.

Finally caught up on Jericho and Lost. I love these shows.

And on a whim, I downloaded (yes, I know this sounds geeky) some fan-made original Star Trek episodes. Totally… bizarre.

If you ever liked Lost but then got distracted or bored with it, well, it’s worth going back for. Last week was the most overtly science fictional episode yet, with Desmond come unstuck in time, living alternately in the present and in 1996, and having to bring information back and forth in time in order to save his own life and reconnect with his girlfriend.



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