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This is for Jenn:

Next time Jenn and Jazz get into a punch buggy fight šŸ˜› (click it to make it bigger)

Thunderstorms this morning washed most of the snow away. 5C; I thought it was higher but the sign knows all. Yesterday is started out at 11C and fell down to 7C as the day progressed. Spring? I don’t know.

Last night Andy’s recruiter called. He was SUPPOSED to come over but instead called, apologized, and promised to come over some other day.

He thinks Andy is joining for all the right reasons. From my conversation with him, apparently those right reasons mean “becoming a man” and “wanting to serve the country” and decidedly not “looking for enlistment bonuses or a college education”. For those latter people, he steers them to the other services.

If you’re joining for vaguely defined reasons with no obvious long-term benefits or accountability, well then, welcome to the Marines.

When the recruiter is not assigned to a recruiting depot, he manages a PX on a base. That’s his job. Store manager. And he said if Andy (who wants, still, to be a sniper — an assassin. Doesn’t THAT sound cool) didn’t make it into the infantry, there were still many opportunities for him in the Marines. I don’t know why he mentioned that. I don’t think store manager is something Andy wants to do.

Anyway. His paperwork should be complete now and he should really be leaving on the 10th.


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  1. Yeah – we were doing punch buggy this morning, in fact. But when I’m in a bad mood, Jazz knows to make it “massage buggy” instead of punch. She also does the punch buggy thing when she sees a Hummer – since that is her favorite vehicle.

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