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Was reading this and thought immediately of my new little niece or nephew 🙂



  1. bah humbug! :o)

    To be honest, it should really be on the blog “” I don’t think it is about race! Case in point — if Fruity does end up having two last names, which of my white relatives are going to think this was a fabulous idea?? (I’m expecting the answer to be: not too many). But I know everyone will love little Obstig anyway. 🙂

  2. I posted a comment on this blog – hispanic people, as a rule, take both their father and mother’s last names when they’re born eg my favorite salsa singer’s full name is Michael Stuart-Carrion. He has a son named Jean Martinez-Stuart. If the daughter gets married she takes her father’s last name and puts it with her husband’s father’s last name.

    Seems like the person who wrote the blog entry is pretty ignorant.

  3. My grandson is Matthew Holloway Purvis, so I guess it ended up the Hispanic way by accident.

    I think Obstig Holloway-Shimkin is fine.

    What does Obstig mean anyway?

  4. obviously
    sick (and) tired
    (of their)
    indeterminate gender?

  5. Reading through that “Things White People Like” blog proved to me that we are all white, but some of us are whiter than others and all of us are white in different ways.

    I’m struggling with how my TV habits are making me seem. I do like watching TV (less white) but only two or three shows (hmmm more white) and I sometimes forget to watch them (more white) and often recount the five or so years I spent not watching network TV (so totally white).

    On the other hand, I had no idea who David Sedaris was and only knew Mos Def because he played Ford Prefect in the (terrible) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie.

  6. Oscillating


  7. Denk an Deutsch!

  8. Oh. Duh. I did have to look it up though.

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