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The ground continues to thaw. I thought by the frost on my car this morning that it would be below 0C, but the Sign pronounced the morning a little above zero. I was woken up by birdsong this morning before the alarm clock had a chance to shriek me awake, so, what the hell. Welcome to spring.

Andy goes off today for this PT — physical training, which will include a hundred pushups, 44 crunches in three minutes, two pull-ups, and some distance running.

Yesterday he called me at work and said the recruiter had told him he would have to run a mile in a minute and a half. Well, heck, that’s 40 mph, and I told him there’s no way anyone can run that fast. He said his friend Kantrell from back in San Diego could, and he thought he could as well.

40 mph!

But Andy was adamant. That’s how fast they wanted him to run.

Well, heck, if you can run that fast, you don’t NEED a car. Then we got talking about how the Justice League of America must have really resented Superman. Like, you’re the Flash, you can run really, really fast. Well, so can Superman! Any power anyone has, Superman has the same power, but better, or has a different power that makes yours pointless! Batman doesn’t have ANY powers! And they used to work together!

I bet Superman resented being stuck playing with the slow kid.

Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” deconstructs superheroes. They’re making it into a movie for next year. It won’t be like any superhero film ever, if it’s anything like the book.

When I got home, he said he’d talked to the recruiter again, and it was one mile in thirteen and a half minutes. 4.5 mph, the speed of a fast walk. He denied ever having said he had to do it in a minute 🙂

Anyway, I stressed that one crunch every three seconds and running at an easy jog would pass those tests without killing him. The important thing is not to spend all your energy right at the start. All about pacing.

If the wait isn’t too long, we’ll go out to dinner tonight and I’m not sure when he’s leaving for bootcamp, tomorrow or Sunday (he’ll find out today). We’ll try one last time to squeeze in a buffet breakfast.

While he’s gone, it’s on a diet for me. It’s a lot easier to diet when you don’t have a scrawny teenager pointing out donuts and pie. Back to rice and vegetables, and back to exercising.

Nintendo is coming out with something called “Wii Fit” in a couple of months; it’s basically a scale but it can sense how you move on it so can train your balance, jogging, can do step aerobics on it and so forth. I’ll probably end up getting it and start tracking my fitness.

I was definitely in better shape when I biked to work every day, but I wasn’t really toned very well — my legs were beefy, and I had a lot of wind, but I was still kind of doughy. I bought an aerobics tape and did that for awhile, and it helped, and I did that until I started working up in Silicon Valley and commuting took all my time. I brought my bike up to work so I could still ride around on my lunch hour, but all that traffic was scary.

Anyway, my goal is to be appreciably thinner by the time Andy graduates from basic training. So we’ll see how that works out.



  1. Once I am a mother (and hence trying to get into shape myself), maybe we can have some little competition that would encourage us to achieve our individual fitness goals. My goals would have something to do with weight loss plus weekly running mileage, probably, and maybe something to get me to lift the occasional (non-human, non-feline) weight.

  2. I know my whole family is probably sick to death hearing about flaxseed oil – but I whole heartedly recommend it if you’re trying to lose weight. You’ll have more energy to workout and thus workout longer and lose more weight. Your body needs the lean fats to build muscle.

    If you want definition and beefy is not the look you’re going for – you’re probably going to have to do some weight training.

    So has Andy left yet? How did it go?

  3. He’s gone. There’s a picture I want to upload and it’s at home so I’ll write about it tonight.

  4. Possible metric for possible fitness challenge: number of push-ups in one go!

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