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The Marines came for Andrew Sunday.

He still hadn’t completed the running test they gave, but he shaved three minutes off his 17 1/2 minute time for the 1 1/2 mile course. You must complete it in 13 1/2 minutes in order to graduate, so he’ll have to do it in basic training or stay an extra two weeks. I doubt he’ll have any trouble with it.

I was pretty depressed about the whole thing Sunday, but it really didn’t hit home until I went food shopping and missed the things we’d do together.

I got a call from him around 9 last night; he was reading from a script and only stayed on the line about half a minute and I didn’t have the chance to talk to him. But he did make it to South Carolina, he really is there now.

He was nervous, excited, apprehensive and scared; but the next time I see him (likely in June) it will all be behind him.

I know there’s no way Hillary will be able to come to his graduation because of dear Fruity, but if anyone else can take a weekend off in June (perhaps, will know the exact date in a month or so), and can foot the plane ticket to SC (it was cheap from California for Ally’s, at least), I know Recruit Holloway will be glad to see you!

He’ll be PFC Holloway by then, though.

Ally, I can pay for your ticket, and Matthew and Sean as well if they can come. Maybe you could stay a few days and we could all do some heavy duty family visiting, too!  And celebrate your and Andy’s birthday. I told Andy to be absolutely sure not to tell anyone he’s turning 21 in a few weeks. That can only lead to something bad.



  1. Okay well we’d love to come. Not sure about Sean as he is graduating school around that time and starts his AT (his 2 week training) on June 10th. If it does work out though, I am sure he’ll be there too.

  2. The little one is all growed up!

    At Thanksgiving I saw that Andy has potential to be a good runner — maybe he’ll develop an interest in that after he is all whipped into shape.

  3. It’d be nice if you’d pass along an address or phone number. I am always left out of the loop. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  4. I will when I get it. I told Andy to write everyone, including you, but I told him I’d pass it along to everyone as soon as I got it.

    Hope your mom is feeling better.

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