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2C today on the way to work, and the weather report says it could get to 10-15C today. It was so dark, though, this morning, that I overslept and was late to work.

I’ve been really working hard on my West Karana site, trying to write articles people find provocative, interesting and fun. It’s like being graded every day on what you write, as I get daily feedback on how many people came to the site.

It’s so dependent on people linking back to me from their blogs, or grabbing the attention of a major news site. My headlines have to draw people, first paragraph has to make them continue, and then, sometimes, the cheap trick that sets up a question but requires the reader to click to see the rest. A LOT of sites do that; usually I don’t, but I did it yesterday as a test and it paid off.

I get about 450 readers a day to West Karana. Sometimes it can spike above a thousand (or more!) if something I write gets linked around. Yesterday I didn’t get any unusual linking, but my article on which game I would erase from history if I could got 521 readers — a nice spike.

The only way to learn to write is by writing. When in the history of the world has it ever been easier to learn?

This weekend, I’m going to look into my education options. I just got a LinkedIn invite from a lady I knew back at Harcourt. She’s working at McGraw-Hill now — they had a place in Monterey, but she’s moved to Chicago. I might ask her (since we were both working on distance learning courses) about decent schools. Looking on the web is pointless; I can’t tell the good ones from the bad ones, and they all look bad to me.

I can’t imagine anyone would respect a degree from “The University of Phoenix”.


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  1. Especially since I live right near one of the most respected public universities in the whole COUNTRY, the University of Connecticut…

    They’re just so friggin’ expensive.

    I suppose I should go with my original suggestion for Andrew, which is to go to Manchester Community College and get a 2-year degree there.

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