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-1C this morning, and I called it on the nose before I passed Mr. Sign.

I meant to get a lot of stuff done Sunday, but I was feeling a little ill and in the end, didn’t do anything at all.

No word from Andrew yet, though his Social Security Card did come. I’ll have to call the Marines and have them come pick it up to copy. I passed their recruiting depot here in Manchester while I was driving around Saturday looking for someplace that sold picture hangers.

I’ve lived in Manchester for almost a year now, and still haven’t seen more than a fraction of the city. The part I live in — the part with the mall — is just the tiniest part of it. There’s a whole downtown area, bunches of parks, old churches and stuff, just tucked away over hills and on the other side of rivers. When we do finally move, I think I’d like to move deeper into the city, to someplace that looks more like New England. The apartment complex in which we live is just like those in California, and I think it’s about time to cut the cord with the pre-fab, cheaply made places of the West Coast and move into the beautiful, but cold and drafty homes of the Northeast.

I got a voicemail from Cathy Segedy, an old friend from back when we lived in New Hampshire. She’s one of the two “friends from before” I found when I moved back; the other being Jeff Curless, whom I know Lynn will remember.

Cathy’s phone number ends in “-1337”. Which made me laugh, it was so unexpected… if you’re a gamer, you already know about 1337.

Okay, since I bet I am the only gamer here…. if you turn that number upside down, it kinda looks like “LEEt” — which is leet-speak — er, gamer lingo — for “elite”.

cUz 2B 1337 u gUtT4 $P33|< 1337.

Anyway, I called her back, and her voicemail message calmly explained that this number was for a long string of people, including her and Corey’s son Ragnar (how old is he now, I wonder? Must be at least into his teens?), but not for Dan, because Dan does not live there anymore.

I hope to meet up with her sometime, see how she’s been. Both she and Corey were good friends to Lynn and I, and we were both incredibly saddened when vibrant, intelligent, life-loving Corey was stricken with terminal leukemia.

He used to tie Ally’s shoes together when he was trapped in the back seat with her 😛


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