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I mailed off Andy’s letter to the Parris Island training center this morning. I couldn’t find any envelopes, so I repurposed one that just had some boring tax information in it.

Just a two page letter that included pictures of Isis, swollen-mouth Ally and jam-dripping Matthew along with the usual stuff.

I know he must be incredibly stressed there, and that letters from the “real world” will be a huge boost for him.

I finally got Cathy Segedy on the phone last night. Ragnar is twelve now! Wow… last time I saw him he was four. The dogs that Ally and Andy played with last time we were there have both passed away. It’s been eight years since the last time we spoke.

Cathy (for those who don’t know her) was a programmer who worked at Atlantus Systems with Lynn and I. We lost touch with her when we moved to New Hampshire, but then she started dating someone she met over Usenet (predecessor to the World Wide Web), Corey Kempf. She’d come out to California and we’d all meet up, and then he’d go out to New Hampshire occasionally. They decided in the end to stay in NH and open a software consulting business, Enigami, together. They had a son together, Ragnar, and we used to stop by whenever we were in New Hampshire.

In later years and especially after I lost my job and was without an income, I came back East much less often and when I did come, didn’t stay long, so we lost touch.

I felt it important when I came back to New England that I try and look up the people I used to know and try to build back those connections severed when I moved three thousand miles away. It’s good to get back in touch with friends.


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