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(spelling, capitalization and punctuation corrected)

Dear Mom,

Life in the USMC basic training sucks. We are constantly getting extra shit because the platoon keeps talking when they are told to shut up. The food, or in this case chow, isn’t bad, but I have had better.

I have wanted to quit for the last three days, but the drill instructor won’t let me.

So far, we have been doing drills, and of course, PT. I passed the IST with a run time of 12:30!

I hate, though, being told WHEN to go to the restroom (head) though, and due to being denied 3x I …. (removed out of consideration)

We are getting time to write letters, but I have been perfecting my uniforms and rack, so they aren’t on my case as much.

Anyway, I have been writing this letter piece by piece. I probably won’t have time to write everyone at this rate, so let them know it’s tough, but I am doing fine.


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  1. It sounds like it’s hard because some guys aren’t behaving, but that will soon change and he won’t have to do extra work because of them. Those guys will learn their lesson to keep quiet. I’m sure once things settle down it’ll be better. I still think this is a good thing for him – as long as he doesn’t get sent to Iraq.

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