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These B-vitamins are making me crazy, and I talk to Andrew finally. More after the weather.

Was a warm night last night, in the teens, with thundershowers. Today dawned bright and cold; I totally called the temperature at 3C this morning. Beginning to think that’s standard. After one day of warmth, we’ll be lucky to get much past 10C for the rest of the week.  I changed the weather gadget on my home page at work to display temperatures in Celsius (we have a company portal with company news, alerts, our HR stuff and the weather). The temperatures in Fahrenheit seemed like a rebuke. While I am getting pretty good at judging temperatures near freezing, I think it will take some time before I can think of 30C as a nice summer day, and 40C as oppressively hot.

I can’t get used to being awake. I close my eyes and don’t immediately start dreaming. This is SO WEIRD.

I was up late a couple of nights ago and only got a few hours sleep. Usually I am a zombie at work when this happens, and at the last 1-on-1 with my boss, he said some people were noticing I was dozing off at meetings. No surprise. Whenever I sit down and am not doing anything, I fall asleep, I’ve always been that way. I always have to be doing something to remain conscious. Like a cat.

Anyway, I decided to load up with vitamins to make it through the day. I have some B multivitamins and C vitamins I’d bought but never really used; I took two Bs and a C yesterday and — I made it through the day. Tired, but not zombie-like. I didn’t crash until 11PM, and I got a nice sleep. I took vitamins again this morning and once more, I can close my eyes without fear that they won’t open again.

It’s very strange. Have I been going through all my life with something as simple as a vitamin deficiency? Will it become possible to relax without falling asleep? I have no idea where this might lead, but I’m going to stay with the vitamins and see how life not continually on the verge of sleep feels, assuming these effects persist. Maybe I’ll be able to drive long distances without trying to keep amped up with sugar and caffeine to try and keep from falling asleep at the wheel — something that used to happen WAY too often back when I was driving the kids up to visitation. I was desperate to teach Ally to drive because I was certain I would kill us all before long. I had her do the driving three days after I taught her how to start the car and put it into gear. Even a three day driver would be a safer driver than me. I’ve developed a healthy fear of travel because I know one day I will fall asleep on the road and die. It has nothing to do with how much sleep I get.

I will miss the ability to begin to dream at a moment’s notice, though it was affecting my work. and ability to stay awake. It’s just strange to close my eyes and not start falling asleep. I’m trying it out right now and it’s just bizarre.

Andy called last weekend, sounding fairly depressed, and also stuffed up with a cold. He wanted to know if the Marines had already called; I said they had. They’re keeping him in some other place while he is processed out, so don’t send any more letters or cards, or send them to Connecticut instead. They are keeping him there until he gets over the cold, but he’s never sick long, so I expect him home sometime next week.

Dawn has offered to let Andy have a chat with her dad, who was a career counselor. Andy thought that would be a good idea. I think he just wants to be out of that place.

Sprint called today; they’d noticed that there was so much texting going on last month that we would save money with a plan that included some text messages (right now we pay separately for every one). Andy had over 180 text messages, at $0.15/each. So I thought we’d better get that plan, with him coming back and all. Just a year left on my Sprint contract.

I got into a little trouble with my writing; I was discussing a possible feature in the chat room that is’s “offices”…. We were trying to brainstorm ways  to get 40K more page views in March so we would hit that million page views in a month milestone. So I, half-joking, said we should do a nude calendar with undressed versions of our play characters. There were some chuckles, but no bites, so I said I would just go ahead and do that.  I just wrote it up in about 15 minutes before work, and it definitely wasn’t up to Massively’s standards, so I put it on my own web site as a gag.

So when I got home, I had several emails and a VOICE mail urging me to get in touch with my lead editor ASAP. Yeah, they’d seen it. And they didn’t like what I said about them, they were worried about the people who left comments, and they were hurt I hadn’t given them the feature to run after I had discussed it already. (Though it would have taken hours to put it in shape for them, do all the linking, etc). A little bit of hot water for me. I got taken on the carpet.

I spent that night writing an entirely different feature as a sort of penance, for which I received $90 (and has around 14,000 page views at the moment). But it took like five hours to go through the editing process, and that’s why I was so late to bed that night. I’m not sure where I stand with them as far as my non-Massively game writing. Sure, it’s better to get paid for what I write than do it for nothing, but having to go through an editor just drains all the fun from it and makes it into work.

Anyway, I think I redeemed myself with them. I also finished the Shapeshifter puzzle I have been working on for awhile; that’s all up on my blog as well.

Jenn’s pictures of Jazz working on her physics projects are here for your enjoyment. I haven’t cleaned up the pictures at all. I just needed to get them up there before I forgot (again)!

Talked to Allyson last night, she’s likely going to be spending the second half of June in New England, so clear your calendars, there will be visits 🙂 I hope we’ll be able to go to some beautiful places like the Berkshires — they are fairly close but I have never been — and just hang out. Maybe show Sean that New England is a pretty cool place after all. I just hope the snow has melted in New Hampshire by then, or we’ll NEVER convince him to move!



  1. So cool to hear about the vitamins and their effects! Don’t be shy about adding iron into the mix — I think our whole family is a bit anemic.

  2. Your experience with the B-vitamin is what I am experiencing with the flaxseed. Flaxseed doesn’t energize you but amazed me with how much more I could do. It’s amazing what a supplement can do. I hope the B vitamin continues to work! Hillary is right about the iron – and I think that might help give you energy too. If you were defitient to begin with.

    I posted the physics photos on my blog – I touched them up as well as the software I have would let me.

    Jazzmin is going to Dawn’s the weekend of June 20th – was gonna ask you if you could bring us. (pretty please with a cherry on top).

  3. I think Ally may either be here or just be leaving, not sure. I’ll know more when I get the dates firmed up, but I will if I can!

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