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Weather in the teens every day, I think it got to 20 yesterday. This morning as I walked from the parking lot to work, I noticed the first buds of new life on a bush. The grass, which had been desperately hanging on to its chlorophyll all winter, have now relaxed into lush, verdant beauty.

Andy was scheduled to come back by Thursday, but he called last night and after morning PT, five hours of school and turning in the uniforms, he’ll be put on a bus *today*. The money and magazines I sent him won’t get there by then, but Lynn’s mom sent him $20, so he’ll be able to get some snacks on the way back. He expects to hit Manchester sometime tomorrow or early Sunday.

Still staying awake, which is good, though I still haven’t adapted my sleep patterns toward getting home from work, making dinner, reading and responding to email, playing EQ for a couple of hours, then writing until bedtime. I have completely eliminated “doing nothing” from my schedule. Last weekend I did laundry and vacuuming — I hadn’t done that since Jenn and Jazz left. I found lots more parts to that physics set.

Isis (cat) loves going out on the balcony so much, I wanted to give her the chance to have fun on the actual grass outside. I brought her out, but she hated it. The scratches, they are deep.

Tomorrow I do taxes. I still owe them thousands from several years ago, since I unilaterally exempted myself from paying taxes while I was unemployed. The government didn’t agree, and now they want their dough.

Ally and Matt will be out from June 10-25. Sean has his two week Marines reserve obligation, so he won’t be able to make it. The only firm plans so far is to spend a couple of days in NYC for Jazz’s dance recital, and maybe a trip to Times Square, since Ally has never been to Manhattan before. Not sure she’s even been on a train before…

Mmm well they are clamping down on browsing at work, so I better get back to what they pay me for…



  1. What are you going to do when Andy gets home since all your spare time is now spoken for? Might have to make room for at least a half our or so to interact with son, don’t you think? I think this busy schedule is going to wear thin sooner then later.

    Glad to hear the suppliments are still helping!

    You should try getting a cat leash and see what Isis does. Maybe once she gets over the shock of being outside, she’ll really love it.

  2. Re: taking cat outside, I had the same experience with Siddy on a leash – lots of fright and scratches! Brian and I were reading our cat book much later, which explained that to an indoor cat, the outdoors is too full of uncertainty to be enjoyable — they need some limits, like a carrier or cage, or something like that within which they can feel they know size and scope of their environment. I guess having grown up with a dog, I had hoped Siddy was going to go galivanting happily through the grass.

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