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Take a look at this… and let me know which way the dancer is spinning.

Supposedly, it spins clockwise if the creative side of your brain is dominant, and counter-clockwise if the logical side holds sway. I first saw her going counter-clockwise, then clockwise, then she and her shadow turning in opposite directions.

It plays tricks with your eyes for sure.



  1. It first looked clockwise to me and then when I looked again it looked counter clockwise. I’ve seen this before – it’s part of some Facebook thing.

  2. I’ve seen this before, too. I can make it turn either way, but it mostly goes clockwise.


  3. She alternates for me also. Sean said she only spins counter-clockwise for him–he can’t make her change direction. Matt says that the monitor has captivating moving pictures.

  4. More press for this! According to the experts, it is purely a visual thing.

  5. Actually, I only see it clockwise.

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