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It was 15C out this morning but felt much warmer. Spring has finally come to New England in full force and I couldn’t be happier. Open windows and tank tops!

Since starting writing professionally, I haven’t had much time left. Work, writing, playing games which now become part of my job, and to top it off, I made a guild in EverQuest. So, some definition here: EverQuest is a fantasy game played online with hundreds or thousands of other people at the same time. I played EQ for seven or eight years before moving on to other games. I was talking with some other people about the good old EQ days, and that discussions turned into a brainstorming session on Google Groups, which spilled over onto a discussion forum, which ended in us all going back and playing EQ once more. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to play it myself. I also play its sequel, EverQuest 2, and combined with writing, working and so on, I ran out of time in the day, and had to stay up until 1-2AM every night to finish what I needed to do.

Unsurprisingly, I crashed. I was too tired to write, too tired to play games, too tired to work. So I’ve cut down even further on my game playing (the average writer only actually plays a few hours a week), caught up on my writing, and am more alert and useful at work. But it was gaming that had to go. I’ve devoted some time toward getting Nostalgia the Guild off the ground and that looks like it will be a lot of fun while still leaving time for all my real life responsibilities.

Andy’s been home for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure you all read about his experiences in boot camp on Hillary’s blog. He’s been sick this week but seems to be coming out of it. Next weekend he’ll be up in New Hampshire for a couple of weeks. It’ll be nice to see the guest house finished!

I’ve started hanging our pictures, as it seems we’ll be in Manchester at least another year. It’s a nice place. While Andy was away, I explored the city more. I think it would have been great to grow up here. Linwood and Uxbridge were nice places, but they never seemed to be anything more than just suburbs of Worcester and Providence. Manchester is a suburb of Hartford, but it has its own distinct feel to it as well.

Staff meeting in a couple of minutes. They are cracking down on personal Internet time here, which is another reason I haven’t been writing as much recently.



  1. Everytime I think about how busy you are now with the writing, I wonder how long you’re going to be able to keep up the pace. It just seems like a lot to have most every part of your day spoken for with obligations that need to be met. But maybe you are a better person then I and enjoy keeping busy in that way.

    It’s a shame you have to cut down on gaming since it’s something you seem to really enjoy.

  2. I definitely enjoy gaming, and I hope that as I become a better, faster writer, I’ll be able to write *and* game. But I’d much rather be writing than gaming, so it’s a good compromise.

    And anyway, tonight is the second meeting of my EverQuest guild, and since I have hardly gamed since last time, I’ve been looking forward to tonight all week!

  3. Sounds like things are very lively! It’s great you have this growing body of work under your belt. And as my friend Ed always says, “there’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. ” :o)

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