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Sign said 7C, felt like 4. There was frost on the windshield this morning. I guess I am getting used to warmer weather. A couple of months ago, 4C would have been shorts weather.

I was chatting with a friend up in Ottawa, which might still get some snow. She was talking about how cold it was, then, after a pause, said it was 30F.  So I mentioned that mornings had started out below ten, but we were getting to the high teens and low 20s by the afternoon. You could hear that sigh of relief as she repeated the temperature, -1C.

Finished a project at work that had been hanging over my head. It was so strange. I was given a bunch of code in VBScript/ASP/IIS and was told to make it work in our Javascript/JSP/Weblogic environment. That’s ALL I got — a bunch of undocumented code with no explanation of how it worked. Well, I’d been poking at it now and then last quarter but always set it aside for the latest emergency. Now that we’re in a quiet period between quarters, I buckled down and figured out how it was supposed to work… and this morning, I put the last piece in place and it works 🙂

Solving problems makes me happy!

We got Mario Kart for the Wii last night… that game is pretty challenging. I was going to write last night but didn’t and I’m not sure why. I intended to. I just didn’t. That puts me three articles behind my quota for last month, so I better get cracking for May. Ally comes in June and I don’t know how I’ll keep up my writing commitment… if I could learn to write faster — not in typing speed, but the research and stuff that comes before it — it would all be simple. But when it takes two hours to research, write, tag and polish a two paragraph piece, it takes too much time. I want to get this down to 15 minutes for a normal article. Features can take longer.

Anyway. Up to New Hamster this weekend to drop Andy off for a couple of weeks of fun in the NH woods. Dawn’s getting baptized Sunday, which is fantastic, so I’ll be hanging around and then heading back to CT after.



  1. I’m contemplating coming to your house Memorial Day weekend, just for the mario cart! lol I’m supposed to go to a friend’s house that weekend – but… we’ll see what happens.

    Glad to hear you were able to finish that project at work. It can be a pain to have things looming over your head that need to get done.

    Dawn is getting baptized? Cool.

  2. Deerfield Community Church is a ncie place. *Very* old building. My camera was being difficult, so no pictures, unfortunately.

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