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21C coming into work today. Was pleasant, a nice change from the muggy weather of the past couple of days. We had a short lightning storm last night and a small amount of rain, just enough to dampen the roads.

I’d forgotten to get gas on the way to work yesterday, so the car was still thirsty this morning. Gas is at a new high here in Connecticut; the only state with worse gas prices is California. Here it was at $4.23/gallon at the expensive place. Swiped my debit card, started filling, and before the tank was filled, the pump slowed down and stopped right at $50.00.

I’d reached the limit they authorized from my debit card. That has never happened before.

Gas prices are killing Mexico’s state-subsidized oil industry. Truckers (Lorry drivers?) in England are protesting that they can no longer compete against Continental carriers, who fill up in France and then head to England to haul. No surprise, they are paying 120.9p/liter, which according to Google calculator, is $9.08/gallon. Four years ago they were paying just over $5/gallon.

No end in sight for gas prices. Prices have already hit $5/gallon some places in California. Here we are, where Britain was four years ago. Will it take four years for us to be paying $9/gallon?



  1. I must be seeing things, ’cause I could’ve sworn I saw a new post from Brenda. That is almost too shocking to be true!!!

    They say gas prices are going to peek at $4.50 within the next year. Wonder when things are going to start to get better? Maybe after Bush is out of office.

  2. They said the price of a barrel of oil would peak at $50 a couple of years ago, too. The oil crisis is global. Demand for oil is rising in China and India, among other places, and even if we sharply dropped our consumption, other countries would snap it up.

    It would be hard to see how the price could drop significantly. Many of the world’s financial institutions are betting heavily on the continued rise of oil prices.

    If oil prices come down sharply, we could see an economic tailspin that would make the subprime lending disaster look trivial. As long as the money people are forcing the prices higher, we will never see relief.

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