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6:34 AM right now. In California, 3:34 AM. Temperature — I dunno, around 20C I think. It has been damp and verging on rain for days. Last night was clear, with a waxing crescent moon low on the horizon, but we felt the occasional droplet in the air as we walked from the emergency room.

Andy has had a lump on his Adam’s Apple for a couple of months now. We thought at first it was a pimple, but it had been growing and yesterday, he complained that it was getting hard to move his head. We went to the emergency room and found out that not only did he have an absessed cyst that had become infected. but that the infection had spread over his chest, and was certainly to blame for his lack of energy and appetite recently.

He got an IV full of antibiotics which completely cleared up the rash in an hour — the doctor was astounded, but Andy has always been a fast healer. They then drained the cyst and tried to remove it, but given the conditions, they couldn’t get it out without damaging something else. So after letting it drain for a couple of hours — the incision looked like a small, bloody mouth gasping from his neck — they dressed it and sent him home with two prescriptions. The doctor warned us that hospital bacteria were evolving protections against normal antibiotics, so standard procedure was to use two different ones to be sure to take them out. In not too long, most bacteria will have evolved past our ability to fight it with easily available medicines.

Though the cyst is still there, Andy should be fine once it heals. He’ll have to wear that dressing for another 2-3 days.

When we open the food cupboard, sometimes Isis darts in and looks back out as if we’d opened the cupboard just to make sure we weren’t running out of cats.

Nope, still have one left 🙂


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  1. I hope Andy makes a full recovery.

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