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I never really felt like a “baby boomer”, since 1961 seemed a little past any potential WW2 baby boom, and apparently Those People Who Decide “Generations” have reshuffled things so that I am apparently part of “Original” Generation X, which used to start at 1965 or so, and were naturally a lot of my friends and people in school with me! Baby Boomers were our parents! Well, not mom and dad, who have been retconned into “Ant-Antiutopian Generation”, something I still don’t fully understand. Vallerie is in OGX too (makes sense),

Hillary and Jennifer are part of the “PC Generation”. Apparently that means “personal computers” as opposed to “politically correct” or “Price Chopper!”. I guess they use that as a shorthand for the transformative effect of high technology? Dunno…

Ally and Andy are “Millennials” (formerly Generation Z). No word on Jazzmin’s ‘generation’, but I imagine they’ll get one before long. My guess: Post-Millennials 🙂


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