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27C coming into work today, but last night’s thunderstorms drained the humidity from the air. So it’s comfortable. For most people. But not for me. I have been having an allergic reacion to *something* for a few days now, and it has spread to my eyes. None of that yellowish, mucous discharge that heralds pinkeye, luckily, because I held Atticus over the weekend. Anyway, will be starting on some strong antihistamines tonight and I hope it will clear up quickly. The tearing-up is making it hard to see or concentrate on anything.



  1. Well you must still have that allergy medicine we got at Costco. That works really well.

  2. Yeah? I totally forgot about that. Salvation could have been sitting in my medicine cabinet all the time.

    I’m just so used to running for the Triaminicin whenever I have allergy problems.

  3. So I tried the Zyrex, and things are better — the scratchy feeling in my eyes is gone — but my vision is still all blurry. It’s like when your glasses are dirty, but even when not wearing glasses.

    Plus, I need new glasses :/

  4. Glad the zyrtec worked – at least to a degree. Maybe the vision thing will clear up after a certain period of non-irritation from the allergies?

  5. Maybe. I took more of the stuff at noon, and at around 9PM last night, I suddenly couldn’t see again. I took more Zyrtec and it cleared up for awhile.

    Must be something in the environment.

    Oh, btw Jenn, the reason my cell phone has been off is because someone from Kentucky calls continuously, so unless I want to run around with my phone ringing all the time, I have to keep it off. My voicemail mailbox must be getting full by now.

  6. Zyrtec is only supposed to be taken 1 time a day – it’s a 24 hour pill. FYI.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to block the kentucky person from calling you? Or if it’s a telemarketer or something of that sort – there is a government “do not call” list that you can add your cell phone number to.

    By keeping your phone off you might as well just not have a phone at all. And to top it off, there is no way to contact you.

  7. You can block telephone numbers? That would be nice.

  8. And anyway, you can always contact me via email. GMail blocks most of the spam, so that’s still usable.

  9. And by keeping my phone on, all I get are continuous calls that are for nobody! I can’t have the phone ringing all day at work.

  10. I don’t have e-mail at my home. Why don’t you have your number changed if you can’t block the number.

  11. Here is the website where you can put your cell number on the national “do not call” list so telemarketers, etc. can’t call your cell.

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