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They are about to start filming the third season of the IT Crowd, and the writer/producer/everything guy needs some ideas for how to dress the set so it looks uber geeky. Personally, I thought the first season set was wonderful, but I guess they need to change it every year to show that time has passed.




  1. The IT Crowd is one of my favorite shows. As for ideas, they could use a companion cube, a lolcat and a demotivational poster, which would be extremely fitting since those posters are spoofs of what’s commonly found in offices.

  2. Those are good ones 🙂 My team leader at work has plastered the place with demotivational posters 😛

  3. :::jumping up and down::: YEAH – MORE IT CROWD!! But what about the US version of the show? Whatever happened to that?

  4. In his post, he apologizes for that 🙂 Or in a previous one, the one with Joel McHale on it.

  5. apologizes as in it’s not going to air in the US or it’s just delayed release?

  6. Have you seen the rubber blackberry?
    I’ve seen some pratical(nerdy)jokes with that thing.

  7. Id love a job thinking of stuff like this… hint hint…!

    How about a paperclip curtain that grows throughout the series?

    How about Moss building his own Large Hadron Collider from electrical equipment borrowed from the cafeteria?

    They both have T-Shirts that point to each other with the slogans, ‘I’m with him’ and ‘He’s with me’ by accident and they have to stay on the same side of each other for the entire episode for fear of being jinxed? (Moss would get all fretted about breaking the jinx while Roy would seem not to care but would be slightly worried ‘You can’t break the jinx, or… or… or we’ll die!’)

    They get a pet hamster and moss tries to train it? Each episode he has taught him another amazing trick despite Roy’s cynicism.

    How about a lava lamp that Moss has made go from up to down?

    I could go on…

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