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There was some anxiety when it turned out the savings account I had left in California was nearly empty (I thought I had a lot more money in it than I did), but we worked out a quarterly payment plan with New England Tech and so … Andy is signed up, registered, has his books and will be going off to school either this weekend or the next.

I am SO HAPPY this is finally settled. We’ll all have to live simply for a few years, but there’s no way I’m letting my children out of my clutches until they have college degrees. It’s just so necessary these days. Unemployment in Silicon Valley is over 6.6% now! Used to be it took about fifteen minutes to find a job there. Way back when.

Not having a degree has hurt my prospects ever since those crazy, halcyon days. After Andy gets done school, I’m flying back to California and getting Ally signed up 🙂 It’s so incredibly easy to lose momentum, always have something else that really needs to be done, never have the time or money, etc. I know all about it.

Most people I went to school (UNH) with are managers and executives. I work in software maintenance.


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  1. Glad things worked out for Andy. Am not surprised that the school was willing to work with you. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his time at school.

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