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It was 9C when we passed The Sign at 6AM on the morning on the way to Rhode Island to negotiate with Andy’s school about possible alternative payment plans. It was 16C when we got back. Not too long ago, it was 16C in the mornings…

Fall has come, the leaves are changing colors, this has always been my favorite season.

There’s a Blue Oyster Cult song that says it best… there’s ALWAYS a BOC song for every occasion. Well, except happy occasions, I guess.

When the wind turns 
And blows the leaves from the trees
Harvest moon

I see the days grow shorter 
I feel the nights grow cold
Young people feelin’ restless 
Old people feelin’ old
I sense the darkness clearer
I feel a presence here
A change in the weather
I love this time of year



  1. Any chance of a blog update on andy going to college??

  2. Mostly I am using Twitter where I blogged before. My camera wasn’t working last weekend; I’ll get some pics to share when I head over this weekend.

    Andy is doing okay. He hates his class schedule and wishes he could drop Word Processing. When he complains about having to go to school, some days, from 9-5:30, I have to laugh, because, welcome to everyone else’s lives.

  3. Did you tell him that? He’s just going to school for the same amount of hours people work. But I suppose he’s basing it on the schedule of high school which gets out earlier.

    Don’t let him drop out of any classes! How bad could word processing be? It may be boring but it’s an easy credit.

  4. Did you give up on your blog?

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