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For some reason, I lost my other non-gaming blog, and somehow thought this one was gone as well. But I still have access!

I guess I can start writing again about life, etc?

I look back to the previous post and it was all about my excitement at Andrew going to college and getting started on his adult life. A year and change later, and now he’s due to be sent to jail for many years. Next Tuesday, he’ll go before a judge and please nolo contendere to talking dirty to a 13 year old girl. We expect he will be sentenced to ten years in the Virginia Pen for that. He’s already served a year.

I’ve rented a car and will drive down Monday, and start back to Connecticut after his hearing (and, I hope, a visit after). With any luck, I’ll be back in CT late that night, plop exhausted into bed, and Wednesday morning, do some errands while I have the car before I have to return it.

I promise to write! I was using Facebook for awhile, but I find that way too public.

If anyone cares, I started a new “take a crappy photo with my iPhone every day” project at Shuttercal ( These pictures aren’t meant to be artistic or anything, it’s just a record of the day.

Sans catharsis , vita est quoque dolens vivo.


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  1. Glad to have your blog back! It is hard to keep one up, but I really like having the record of things. Good luck with the Virginia trip. 😦

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