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The Hartford, the company I work for, will have been operating as a business for 200 years come May 5. That’s a really unimaginable stretch of time. This company counts Abraham Lincoln as a customer. When this company was started, insurance was still a very new sort of business in the colonies. When this company started, Britain still considered the Revolutionary War to be a temporary setback. It wasn’t until the War of 1812, two years later, that Britain finally recognized the United States of America as a sovereign nation.

To help us all get in the spirit of The Hartford’s bicentennial, they’ve put banners all over the place. One of the banners in the lobby reads, “Embrace Tomorrow”.

Why wait until tomorrow? Why can’t we all embrace today? Wasn’t it Alice, or was it the Mad Hatter, who said “jam yesterday and jam tomorrow but never jam today”? The only true fact of tomorrow is that tomorrow never comes.

Been falling asleep earlier and earlier each night. If I feel tired, I just lie down and go to sleep. Part of that is that I ran out of soda a few days back and have been too lazy to go to the store and get more, so I have been caffeine free for awhile. Part of it is that I want to get as much sleep as possible for the trip to Virginia.

I often finding myself zoning out as I drive long distances. When I was taking the kids to their visitation, the bi-weekly trips to Stockton were nearly killing me. I felt sure I’d fall asleep and crash and kill me and both the kids. It was a huge incentive to teach Allyson to drive so she could take over when I felt I couldn’t do it. Since then I have tried to drive as little as possible — every time I get behind the wheel of a car, I fear I’ll fall asleep and die.

This is one reason I’m not too upset by not having a car at the moment. I LIKE not driving to work. I like walking to the store, in good weather. I don’t like driving.

In this case, though, driving is cheaper and faster than air travel. It makes sense from almost any standpoint aside from that of safety. I’m terrified of the trip.


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