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– Driving directions downloaded into my Sony Reader. Though the font did end up rather smaller than I’d like, it’s readable. Since, as an E-Ink based reader, it uses no power when not changing pages, I can leave it ‘on’ the entire trip.

– Doing laundry now. I don’t know if I’ll get to Virginia in time to get a motel room; depending how it goes, I may just sleep in the car. If I drove right through without stopping, I’d get there in the evening, but I plan to stop many times.

– When I do stop, I’ll be ‘tweeting’ where I am and how it’s going, so people interested in how the almost 600 mile trip is going can check and see.

Talked to Andrew tonight. He’s feeling very down. He cut off the conversation suddenly; I don’t know if that’s because they were doing a cell check (which means — stop what you’re doing, go to your cell, NOW), or they shut off phones or he just decided to hang up or what.

My plan is to return home as soon as I can after I have been to the hearing and retrieved Andy’s personal items. His hearing is at 9; I hope to leave the Bedford area around noon, and reach NYC around 8PM, and home by 10PM. But we’ll see.

Wednesday morning, I have to do some things that need a car, so I’m going to go do these things, drop off the car (at the mall) and walk home and likely collapse into bed. But I will post and email about the hearing before I do that.

I don’t expect Andrew to be sentenced at this hearing.


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