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After much fiddling, I can now watch NBC, Fox, and CBS (as well as a variety of other, non-network channels) on my TV. So, I think American Idol starts in an hour, and now I can watch it!

When digital TV doesn’t work, watching programs is like watching YouTube on dialup.

I did some house cleaning and brought bags of stuff to the trash, with the car. Then I went to West Hartford and looked around.

West Hartford is the bike-friendly, vegetarian and Whole Foods-loving suburb of Hartford. It’s a lot like Carmel, if Carmel was next to a post-industrial New England city instead of Monterey. Still, for all its toniness, I’d like to move there. It’s closer to work than Manchester, and the downtown area has been recently revitalized.

I think it even has an Apple store, but I couldn’t find it. The cold front that was pushing all that warm air through the East finally arrived.

When I got home, I filled the car with gas and got out the winter coat, hat and gloves, returned the car and walked home. It was good to drive again.


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